Our team combines key competencies including IT systems (SW architecture , programming), product development (hardware, software, control systems), energy trading, energy sustainability, entrepreneurship and business development.




Product Lead


Martin Bredeli



Martin is responsible for maintaining Leydn`s vision and overall strategy. He has extensive experience in executing projects within hardware and software development in Norway, China and South East Asia. Martin is a specialist in robotics, mechatronics and industrial automation from ABB and SINTEF.



T: +47 408 42 954




Business Development


Kjell Øystein Arisland



Kjell Øystein is a former university lecturer/researcher and business entrepreneur with a long track record in startups and building companies, mainly in the ICT field. Best known are Oslonett (Norway’s first commercial internet company and first internet service provider, sold to Schibsted in 1995), ClickWalk (predating the equivalent Google Streetview by 8 years) and Computers and Learning. Kjell Øystein is responsible for business development processes and implementing growth strategies.




T: +4792825510




Technology Lead


Øystein Gran Larsen



Øystein is a strategic visionary and the craftsman of Leydn intelligence platform. With a PhD in computer science, and over 30 years of vast experience he will make sure the platform is set for the future with high availability and scalability. He has past experiences from ABB, Tracetracker, FFI, University of Oslo.



T: +47 930 65 955




Analytics and Operations


Mats Brekke



Mats is responsible for planning and implementing Leydn`s technology platform. A true passionate and highly skilled in sustainable energy systems and new technology. An analytical mindset, a sharp eye for refined technical solutions combined with in depth knowledge of market and regulatory issues. He has experience from Frontline Greenpeace and Sol og Vind AS.


T: +47 977 22 072




Analytics and Market Development


Tito Poblete



Tito is responsible for analytics, strategy and market development. Tito has extensive experience from UK energy markets, structuring of deals, natural gas contracts, trading, commercial operations, technology development from Statoil and Norsk Hydro.



T: +47483 83 003




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